Five things you should never leave home without.

1. Tools.

For writing, be it a chisel and stone or something slightly quicker like a little cute laptop thingy that's so adorable you just want to call it george and love it and feed it grapes. Anyhoodles, writers need them. It's no good calling yourself a writer and then never having anything to write with/on/in/around. Do not be ashamed of inspiration. Grab it when it arrives and lock it in your heart with the aid of a Biro.

2. Respect.

For other writers but also for yourself. Yes you did do something today, you finished that chapter and by DOODLE you should be proud. Equally, it's good to respect the struggles of others around you. Always respect, it's such a simple thing but powerful too.


You are going to cry. And even if you don't cry, odds are you are going to need something to hide the look of pukiness that might pass those pretty features. THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Whether you are simply reading a very very moving line or sending the best thingy you ever typed and are soooooo tres nervous.

4. Smiles.

The world isn't always going to smile for you! Sometimes you have to encourage it. Pack plenty of smiles and courage and little ignorance to the fact things are hard. Keep them close by when hard times come knocking.

5. A whole world within your head.

Yupsidoodles. It doesn't even matter if you're not actually writing. Take it with you give it some air. I mean, you can hardly leave it at home right? What fun will it have there. Let it see the sights, tweak a few things whilst you buy a coffee. Sometimes fresh air does a world of good. Plus? It totally makes laundry smell so good. YUMMY.

What things can you never leave home without? I think, perhaps, the fact I take a whole world in my head is the reason I so often walk into things, yea? Of course, there can be no other explanation. No ways. Nuh uh. I'm not, like, clumsy or anything. Pffft, as if.