Defining Professionalism

A lot of people about le internets talk about professionalism and how important it is in oodles of stuff. Oodles of stuff is, of course, what I say when I mean tonnes of things. Very technical descriptions there. Hehee. Anyhoodles. What, perhaps, is less spoken about is what it really means. You know? Mmmm. As such I think it's something that needs to be looked into! Go go gadget! So. Professionalism is hard to define, yea. It's tricksy because it means different things to different people and does not just apply in the writing world. So! When people say professionalism in the interneting world what are they talking about? Is it bad? Is it good? Let's get to the bottom of this! It's difficult to really pin down what the word means but here are a few things it might signify to a writer; one sending query letters all over the place.

1. Respect

Whether that be respecting space, privacy, or difference of opinions. Perhaps professionalism is finding a tolerance and mutual understanding between all people. Putting your best sunday hat on and being as respectful as you can be without completely censoring yourself. Mmmm?

2. Comfort

For some people it is all about this. A comfortableness of self and not going too out of your way to be something you're not! Perhaps the first thing bloggers and interneters should strive to be is comfortable in their own shoes, so that they make others so and do not come across as too intense. I do not know! I do not know!

3. Mum-ness

Actually I just mean some find a good rule of thumb is to consider if you act like this with your mum/pet/houseplant/favourite book because sometimes it's easy to forgets that certain things are not for sharing. What would Mr Hunger Games Book do? Mmmm? Ahahah. Bad example. He would probs be quite violent, very meaningful, and sacrifice himself for his sister. However! You know what I mean. It's ok to keep some areas of your life private, and that's what this kind of professionalism is all about. It's about having areas of your life that are yours and need not be discussed! An interesting kind of professionalism.

4. Understanding

This one is about being open, and with that openess being tolerant. Sometimes people have bad days, understand those around you and they might take a shot at understanding when you are not feeling super de duper! That is a legit phrase if ever I heard one! Also practicing a little of this when others are not being so professional is a good idea. Everyone has their reasons for being not so awesome occasionally, plus they totally might learn from your stunning example. Wooo! Go team! That's the spirit of this professionalism.

Having fun.  Having nice, light hearted, fun and in doing so lifting people's spirits. It means not complaining too much when things are not so fabsies. It means smiling through the tears. I've heard some people prefer this one simply because sometimes a good attitude can breed good times.


What you can see from all those points is that there are many ways to be professional. Probs tonnes more than I mentioned. And each of them are good ideas in their own right. I suppose, really, professionalism is finding your own way to behave on la internets in such a way that you do not come across as too crazy, you know?

If you're in a field requiring confidentiality, naturally, your professional attitude will be a little different. But! I can confirm! If you're a writer it means trying to spell a high percentage of things correctly most of the time. You, know, to keep up appearances. It also may involve writing and critiquing sometimes, I couldn't say. Perhaps it means behaving with respect but without censoring what is really you? Hmm.

So! What do you think professionalism truly means? What kind do you like to adopt? Does it mean giving back to the internet? Helping those around? Or is it simply about dotting those i's? Because if it is, I have to say, typewriters and computers made that, like, ten times easier than it use to be. Haha.