How To End A Manuscript

Fifteen ways to end or leave your mauscript

It's a tricky one! Ending a manuscript in the right place always poses a conundrum. How to do it? Where to stop? Well here are fifteen suggestions to help you on your way. I was going to do fifty but honestly that seemed like overkill so here we go:

  1. Tie up the all the loose parts.

  2. Execute massive showdown.

  3. Offer an epilogue.

  4. Slam down mystery.

  5. Bring it full circle to highlight what has changed!

  6. Explosively end with explosions.

  7. Chuck in some murder/death/underworld exploration/postmortem examinations/etc etc.

  8. Let new hope shine.


  10. Be inspired by Hamlet.

  11. Host a little silent puppet theatre.

  12. Show that it was all just a dream inside a dream inside a dream.

  13. Let there be change... and light ... and change.

  14. Give everyone severe memory loss.

  15. Reveal that the protag and antag are actually the same person. OMG. I know.

There must be a thousand more ways to end a manuscript even if I can only think of fifteen!

If you end your manuscript and it feels very different? That could be good different. Don't go searching for a neat and tidy ending because you want to fit in, be exciting.  Be yourself. Shine like the sun.

Do you have any excellent go to endings? I think one of the brilliant things about endings is that you can do so many. If you want explosions and time travel and a mystery it can be done! Awesome. I think it's ok to write past the ending and then retrace your steps back to it later.

What are your thoughts?